Navaho Spirit Portrait by Katrina Brennan“I have admired Katrina’s artwork since I first saw samples of her murals and portraits almost five years ago. All of her work demonstrates her artistic skill, patience, insight, and attention to detail. I am moved in some way by each of her pieces. I sense the spirituality and life that I know Katrina instills in her work.” Dan Williams

Joyful Earth Mother Sculpture(Sold) by Katrina Brennan“I purchased a decorative pottery piece, Joyful Earth Mother, for my home from artist Katrina Brennan. It brings uniqueness and personality that is one of a kind!” Cecilia Dalzell
Sign of the Eagle Book Cover by Katrina Brennan“When I commissioned Katrina Brennan to paint the cover for my novel, Sign of the Eagle , I had in mind an image of a striking Celtic woman from the First Century A.D., depicting my character, Macha. Katrina’a work went far beyond my expectations. She managed not only to capture the likeness of a foreign woman caught in the alien world of the Roman Empire, but one who is strong-willed and determined to keep her individuality, while at the same time pursuing justice for her Roman husband wrongfully accused of treason. The composition and detail of the picture is nothing short of stunning. Katrina brought my vision and descripton of Macha to life. I would strongly recommend to anyone to contact Katrina when considering the commission of any piece of art work. They won’t be disappointed.” Jess Steven HughesAuthor
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