Portrait of Dan by Katrina BrennanA hand painted portrait in oil can be a treasured keepsake for years to come. Family members will pass it down through the generations and will provide many stories for children and grandchildren. If you would like Katrina to paint a portrait for you, contact her by phone or email and she will discuss your ideas and options with you.

At this time, Katrina lives in Spokane, and does not travel to do commissions, only working within her studio. However, plein air sittings are possible when weather permits. Katrina is willing to travel a short distance to meet with clients for a consultation.

How it works: After contacting the artist, she will request a meeting time and date and you will be instructed to bring any photos you would like her to use for references. All photos should be duplicates. She may wish to also take additional photos if the subject is available. Formal sittings can be arranged as well. To view portrait samples visit the Portrait Gallery.



Cameo (Head only) 16x20$1000
Head and shoulders16x20$2000
Half length20x24$3000
Three quarter length26x30$4000
Full length30x36$5000


Cameo (Head only) 16x20$1000
Head and shoulders16x20$1500
Half length20x24$2000
Three quarter length26x30$2500
Full length30x36$3000

*All portraits are painted with an empty background that compliments the style, and colors of the painting. If you wish to add extra background details, the artist will discuss them with you and decide a price after the first consultation.


Head 16x20$500
Head and shoulders16x20$800
Half length20x24$1100
Three quarter length20x24$1400
Full length26x30$1700



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