About Katrina’s Sculptures

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“We are oceans of human emotion. If we look closely at everything around us,  from a faraway mountain, to our children’s faces, memory  will speak to our hearts, because our hearts remember, even when our heads can’t. Every aspect of Heaven and earth are connected. My goal is to  capture the human element of memory in clay and listen the the voice within.”

Nomad and Painted Spirit Series TM

“My Nomads, inspired by the cosmos and all of its possibilities, personify that part of ourselves that long for fulfillment and meaning. The very nature of a Nomad is that of a  seeker, traveling the universe, searching for what is only pure, true, and just.  As each new discovery is made, they sing praises to the Creator of All Things, thanking Him for His gifts. In addition, if a Nomad discovers disappointment and sadness, he may  mourn the truth, and raise his  voice in sorrow, crying for divine intervention. May you also be a truth seeker while you walk your life’s path. It is what gives mankind wisdom.”

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Fertility Goddesses

The pregnant woman is a sea of possibility. Not only is she co-creating through Divine hands, but the being growing inside her womb is an extention of the Divine. The Fertility Goddess is a symbol of what is possible in this world. We should let ourselves become pregnant with ideas, and give birth to them freely, never questioning the source, because wonderous ideas are a Gift.

Talking Pots

“We all have a voice, and we all would like to say something important at one time or another. Clay has a voice as well. When an artists puts one puts his or her hands in clay, he or she seeks that voice. As you will see, Talking Pots have a lot to say.”

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