Katrina’s Biography

Katrina Brennan, ArtistKatrina Brennan is a painter and sculptor on a mission to create art that not only generates a connection between the viewer and the work, but also encourages the viewer to question the reality of the world we live in. Her paintings are expressive, and conceptual, with bold colors, flowing lines, and subjects that have a Steam-punk appeal. Her sculptures are often metaphorical, representing tall male and female figures that allude to both Western and Eastern culture. They symbolize a vast array of connections between human life and the universe.

Katrina’s imagination has always been a strong, sometimes overwhelming presence, and at times interfered with school and home life. Everything was a canvas, including the desks at school and her bedroom walls. At the age of sixteen, without seeking permission from her parents, she painted the first of many wall murals in her bedroom. Luckily, her parents understood her need for expression and encouraged her to continue.

A bit of a late bloomer in starting college, she pursued her Elementary Education degree at Eastern Washington University, and graduated in 1999. However, teaching wasn’t  in the cards after the first year. She soon was raising her son as a full time parent and spending every spare moment at the easel, learning photo-realism in oils, sculpting, and building her talent as an artist.

She is currently showing her paintings and sculptures at both the Bozzi Collection in downtown Spokane, Washington, and at Manic Moon and More off of Monroe.


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