Artist’s Statement

With-Watermark450“I create art because it’s a part of who I am. It’s a passion that wants to be recognized, with a strong voice that says, ‘I am here.’ Clay has a voice, paint has a voice, and in fact, anything that can be integrated into a piece of art has one. My passion, and the voice it encompasses speaks loud and

clear. It’s my job to listen to that voice the moment I touch the brush or the clay, and respect its wishes. If it wants to be an ancient, unclothed woman welcoming death in the form of a raven, so be it. If it wants to be a pot donning a network of human organs on the front, I listen. Who am I to judge? That has been a hard lesson to learn. For me it’s come to the point where I create for me, and only for me, then I share my creation with others. Like my Nomad and Painted Spirit sculptures, I’m always searching for deeper meaning. Their singing and weeping faces reflect what I have in my heart. This is an extension of who I am, and like many people in the arts, I expose myself in a way that allows me to be judged by others. That comes with he territory of what I do.
–Katrina Brennan, Artist

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